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Thanks for taking the time to view our services. Dodge City Diagnostics offers:



  • Exams in MRI 

  • Experienced Board Certified Technologists with over 27 years of combined experience

  • Board Certified, expert Radiologists

  • Prompt, accurate MRI reports within 24 hours

  • Same-day or next day scheduling

  • Quality exams

  • Spacious MRI Suite


Referring Providers

We Promise You:


We take the greatest care to provide you with the highest caliber of diagnostic information possible. We will get it right every time, all the time.


MRI reports withing 24 hours of the patients appointment. All of our diagnositic information will be made available quickly, and a disc of images will be provided to your patient.


We use the latest techniques in our up-to-date facilities in order to ensure an unparalleled level of quality. 


We care about your time, and our patients time, and we understand what it takes to run a sucessful practice. We take the utmost care to ensure that your patients will be comfortable and well-treated at our facility.

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