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You've probably got a few questions!

Not to worry! We'd love to answer any questions you might have. But here are the answers to some pretty common questions.


Does it hurt?


Absolutely not. Our procedures are completely non invasive. 


Do I need to prepare in any way?


You will have to fill out a patient registration and history information form prior to exam. You can also print these out here.  We also ask that you bring your insurance cards and any other medical records that could help us evaluate your status.  You may eat normally and continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise directed.


Will I be able to drive afterwards? 

Absolutley. After your appointment, you will feel completely normal, with no recovery time necessary.


Is there a difference in quality between Open MRI and Closed?

No, our open MRI is a high field magnet, which allows for excellent diagnostic imaging.

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